Term and Condition
A. Definition
  1. People Shape Sales is an application to help tracking employees who ofter do work outside the office such as Sales, Technicians, Couriers, Drivers, and Others.
  2. CV RC Electronic is a website and application developer of Peole Shape Sales (“We” or “RC Electronic”).
  3. CV RC Electronic is a company specialist in IT Consultants, System, and Controllers.
  4. The CV RC Electronic Website is https://www.rcelectronic.co.id
  5. The People Shape Sales website is https://peopleshape.id (“Website”).
  6. People Shape Sales application can be downloaded via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rc.sales_pro (“Application”).
  7. “Company”or “User” is a registered user who used the features of website.
  8. “Employee” is a user registered by “Company” who used the features of website.
B. Account and Security
  1. People Shape Sales does not charge registration fee to user.
  2. We provide a trial period of 30 days for 5 employees.
  3. We have authority to deactivate company account, transaction data, and master data if the Company has been inactive for 1 year. The activity means visit schedule or check-in.
  4. User have the right to change Company Information such as Company Name, Address, City, Province, Country, and Zip Code.
  5. User is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the account and password.
C. Voucher
  1. If trial period has expired and willing to continue use application then user must purchase a voucher.
  2. Buy voucher are only made through the People Shape Sales website.
  3. Official Bank Account for purchase transaction is under then name of CV RC Electronic with OCBC-NISP Bank.
  4. The package and voucher price in the website are fix priced set by RC Electronic.
  5. If user already purchase a voucher then there is no refund.
  6. If the voucher has been used by the employee, but the employee is resign and the expiration date is still long, the voucher can be frozen.
  7. If the voucher has been used by employee but replaced by a new one, then the active periode can be transferred. Transfer of active period is move expiration date from one employee to another employee.
D. Voucher Price
  1. We have authority to renew voucher prices. Before updating the price we will send notification by email.
E. Others
  1. By Register at People Shape Sales, you agree with Terms and Conditions.
  2. Terms and Conditions may be changed and/or updated from time to time without notice. We recommend to read carefully and check the Term and Conditions time to time.